Transition into Illustration

Transition into Illustration - student project

Transition into Illustration - image 1 - student project

Transition into Illustration - image 2 - student project

Transition into Illustration - image 3 - student project

Everything is all over the place. Too many interests, too little time :D I would like to do all and can't decide on one thing. 

I am a great listener, have a scence of humor (sometimes dark) and creating is the strongest force in my life. I am an architect, but I also worked as an IT specialist. I never wanted to earn money from my art, but here I am unemployed and with a tiny shop on Redbubble. I am at the beginning of my road to success. I have a couple of passion projects, that grow with me. Only thing stopping me is low self esteem. For several years I created hand made cards for various occasions. I had the opportunity to design book cover and take care of the editing the book, and it was a blast. 

I wish for a steady passive income. For now I have only Redbubble and one class on Skillshare, and I will expand on that. I love designing patterns for print and I would love to see my art on physical things.

One of my nearest goals is creating my website with a blog and a shop. A place of my own where I can share my experience with different mediums and link all the artists I admire. In the future sell some prints and stickers. 

Thank you for this class, I was really in need of it.


Dorota Pawelczak
Artist in progress