Transistor Game Logo

Transistor Game Logo - student project

Hi Jake! Thanks for another awesome class! I learned a loooot. My project is still WIP, I'll add some more elements and refine the movement but first I need to learn how to use graph editor 



I wanna learn pretty quick so I haven't prepared much before starting the project. I just came up with the idea to animate a graphic from one of my favorite games - Transistor (from Supergiant Games)

I found a poster which I pretty much copied in Illustrator (I'm a newbie in this one too ;) )

Transistor Game Logo - image 1 - student projectTransistor Game Logo - image 2 - student project (dunno who made them, found them on some poster website)


Transistor Game Logo - image 3 - student project

Shame on me really, but since I'm not a pro in illustration I don't have that much remorse ;)


And eventually I came up with this piece of chaotically moving shapes

Transistor Game Logo - image 4 - student project

When I finish this I'll post some higher quality


Any feedback appreciated :)