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Rachel Starkey

FHP Solutions - Disruptive Global Impact for Girls



Transformation Textiles: Secure & Comfortable FHP Solutions for Global Impact

 IMAGINE … If you didn't own a pair of underwear ... that would get pretty awkward during certain times of the month ... What would you do?

Unfortunately for 80% of women in East Africa ... they can't afford or have access to protection. That dreaded fear of the 'blue liquid' leaking ... Never is a pretty blue.

Run & hide ... yeah pretty much that is what girls have to resort to ... either that or there is a line up of men willing to trade 'sex for pads'.  I know, not the inpsiring story you want to see at Seth's Marketing class ... but the story needs to be told, so that social ventures such as can be scaled up to reach & impact millions of girls.

Transformation Textiles manufactures and distributes low-cost underwear and FHP (Feminine Hygiene Products) to girls in Africa, helping them stay in school with dignity during their period.

Providing FHP keeps girls in school and is as fundamental to learning as pencils. FHP is a simple solution addressing one of the root causes of absenteeism leading to high dropout rates amongst girls. In Kenya, 65% of girls 18 years and younger have dropped out of school. Without FHP, girls miss 6 weeks of school/year, which contributes significantly to this dropout rate.

Transformation Textiles has taken 3 years to create a disruptive concept in the textile industry ... neck holes ... what are they good for?   Well, simple math: 1 million neckholes from a standard tank top contract from "famous athletic brand which we will not name" equals 250,000 pairs of underwear, and 500,000 pc contract for a well-know medical scrub brand equals another component to our 'FHP' kits ... when ever possible Transformation Textiles "Redeems Waste to Transform Lives".  When we can reduce the raw costs of the fabric to make these FHP kits ... the trickle effect means that the consumers who make >$2/day can afford our products!  They are not asking for hand-outs they just need some help. Market-driven solutions ... is the only scaleable & sustainable way to impact this target group.

After 3 years of contending for the 'fabric that magically appears when you utilize neckholes' we are at a point where we have capacity to shipout full containers of FHP products monthly. To scale up production further only requires some logistical planning & cashflows. We are in process of establishing distribution hubs in 3 major african countries and have done large scale pilots of 30,400 underwear in Kenya, and a second 10,000 FHP kit container is due to arrive in Malawi this month.

We desperately need to modern market Transformation Textiles effectively to a number of targets: Government "Ministries of Health", Large Humanitarian Industry Giants, national NGOs, and the audience in the west that wants to be apart of the solution to bring Gender equality to Girls.  We purposely waited until we truely had something to share with these entities. Now we do ... and [enter Seth Godin]

I enrolled in Seth's last course of the 7 step leverage plan, but honored his request to not jump ahead until I did the homework ... I was swamped in getting ready for our follow-up trip to Kenya, so that skill share course is still waiting for me to  complete. I hope to take advantage of this course when Seth is active during the first week. I hope I can bait him to come and join "Unreasonable Institute" and be a mentor there this summer where Transformation Textiles was awarded an coveted spot in their program.( (Any time in June 1 - July 7, 2014)

Seth, I have nothing to lose in asking ... would you consider bootstrapping with Transformation Textiles? shoot me an email: [email protected]


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