Ukemeabasi Esiet

Graduate Student



Transform my Exercise and Eating Habits and Shed A Few Pounds

I want my health to be the least of my worries. My family has a history of high blood pressure and I've had a pretty serious case of asthma growing up. However, I was able to compete in track and field sports in primary (elementary) and secondary (middle and high) school. I was one of the top 100m sprinters, high and long jumpers for most of that time.

As an undergraduate, however, I focused most of my energy towards my studies and reduced my physical activity. I got excellent grades and graduated with highest honors, but I could have been healthier.

It's been 8 years since high school and right now I am around 6' 3" and weigh 234 lbs. According to the National Institutes of Health BMI calculator I'm at 29.2, not far from obese territory. I don't look particularly overweight, I think I have heavier bones than most people :) but I know that I should shed some pounds. To get into the healthy 19 to 25 range I need to drop to 200 lbs. I need to lose 34 lbs. and maintain that weight loss.

This year I want to transform my habits so I can get there and stay healthy. I don't want to have to suck in my gut for any reason or be worried about the fit of my clothes. I want to feel good and look great in 2013.

I have a pretty regular routine of walking/jogging in the mornings and walking as much as possible instead of relying on elevators and escalators. I need to level this up and also start eating less and eating healthier. I also want to learn how to work out more of my body and not just the running/walking set of muscles.


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