I created a blog that starts to talk about midwest rivers, habitat, fly fishing catch and release along with wading, paleo and natural movement fitness with powerlifting. I started fly fishing over thirty-five years ago. Often, I marveled over the natural terrain I was in. I would have more enjoyment seeing the sites and sounds of nature, and overcoming obstacles that include both land and under-water obstacles. Recently, Paleo and the MovNat excercise movements have become very popular. As I read about these movements, I realized I've been doing them all along on my fishing trips traveling along treacherous embankments of rip rap, cliffs and wading in and among sand, stone, mud, trees and boulders.

So, I plan to upload some photographs, if I can get the Sony software to download for my new digital camera, and incorporate some data science with statistics about fish and what they're feeding on. I may incorporate some powerlifting discussion since I currently hold a state powerlifting record in my age group and I am 3-0 in competitive powerlifting meets.

If I can encapsulate the beauty of the outdoors, and show how exercising outdoors helps a person age gracefully, I'll consider my blog a success.

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