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Jai Patel

London based Designer and illustrator




Hi Guys,

My piece is called Tranquil.

It is calm, late at night and full of colour and light.

Here is the shot breakdown.

So this is the initial first sketch. I definitely wanted the moon to be huge and a big overall light source.

I bought the scanned sketch straight into illustrator. I do not have cinema 4d and wanted to explore 3D depth using flat 2D techniques. As you can see I went for a bright colour palette as I wanted the piece to have a cartoonish charm. I added minor details in at this point. In particular foliage and damage.

Here is the final photoshop composition.

Problems i encountered when moving my vectors into photoshop were mainly to do with lighting. As you can see the simple vectors in the previous shot were very bright and I needed to tone them down. Luckily photoshops overlay and multiply blend modes are great (especially for texturing) and darkened parts when needed.

Here are some closeups. 

Instead of using photoshop brushes to create textures I used illustrator vectors of wood that i already had for the patterns but created the plank seperator lines in photoshop using the line tool.

This has been such a fun project!

Thank you Craig! I've learnt a lot and will continue to create new pieces.


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