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Brigid Prinsloo

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Tranquil Upliftment Mood Board

This was a great class. And I am happy to say that I just completed my first mood board. My boyfriend sells fine art prints online but finds it difficult to convey the idea of what the print will look like in people's homes. I think the mood board works well to do this.

You can view more of his work here:

  1. I picked one of my boyfriend's prints - the picture in the top left corner - Tranquil Upliftment. It is a photo of local people farming seaweed off the coast of Jambiani, Zanzibar. I love the pastel colours of this picture and the mood it creates.
  2. From the reference image I picked five colours.
  3. I found a mood board on Meg's Pinterest board and copied the format using guidelines. (Definitely want to try build a board from scratch on my next attempt.)
  4. I filled the template with rectangles and used the five colours to fill them - this already looked pretty good.
  5. Next I tried to imagine the house this picture would hang in  - perhaps a beach cottage - comfy, cool and simple. I found some images of rooms and decor that matched this theme - trying to find images that matched my five colours.
  6. Next I wanted to find some patterns that would match the theme - found in the top right of the board. I managed to find patterns that match the colours quite nicely. The idea being that people can imagine maybe having scatter cushions or other prints in the room with the patterns on, to pull it all together.
  7. I added a sample typography even though this is not really relevant to the decor aspect, because I think it further adds to the mood of the board.

I feel like the two aspects I struggled with the most was the typography and the style of the circular shape. So I guess I will look for a typography class next.

Would love to know what you guys think?


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