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Tramps Like Us

10/26/13: Well, I'm a huge Springsteen fan, so it was kind of inevitable that I pick a Boss lyric for this class. I agonized over which to pick for quite a while but decided on a classic:

"Tramps like us, baby, we were born to run." 

This lyric has tons of potential for varying fonts and styles, conveys movement and urgency and passion, and is generally just a phrase I dig. I'm aiming for a posted that can hang in the living room I just finished renovating in the house I just bought! Gonna start my wordmap and mood board and such today! 

10/26/13, Later: Can't decide if I want to do that or a line from Rosalita: "I ain't here on business, baby, I'm only here for fun." Going to do exercises for both and see where I end up. 


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