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Training The Watercolour Muscle

Hi Everyone :)

This class has been very fun and informative. I have followed Ana since a few years back on her instagram account and I was excited to join this class.

I haven't touched watercolour in a while and had limited time to do this project, so I felt like the results were not maximum, but I definitely will do more practice in the future.

--- Transparencies ---

I found this exercise to be much harder than it looks! I didn't know it was this challenging to get the tones right. It was a good way to get to know the colours that I own too. 

I didn't know that mixing colours on the plate is the way to go (not on the paper), so that was great information.


--- Materials ---

This is the watercolour brand that I own. It is a Korean brand called ShinHan and I actually like it a lot and the colours are vibrant. So, if you are in Asia perhaps you could look into this brand.


--- Monochrome Activity ---

This was actually my favourite activity out of all.

I randomly picked this Ultramarine blue and I thought the colour is so pretty as it looked like an illustration on a fine china. I love how by just using one colour I can achieve one whole picture, perfect for me who gets overwhelmed easily by using many colours. This has definitely inspired me to do more monochromes.

--- Pulse and Precision ---

I loved painting the little rectangles, they were very therapeutic. The precision lines, not so much, I had to use the number 10 brush as it was the only one I had. The circle was interesting, but hard! I love the look of it, though.


--- Jellyfish Activity ---

I skipped the Experimental 'planets' activity as I didn't have a lot of variety of materials to work with, so I started experimenting on salt on this Jellyfish activity. I didn't know they were so strong! I only throw in a few sprinkles but they created such great textures.


--- Galaxy Project --- galaxy project! When I was doing this activity, I was disappointed in the way my colours turn out when it dried. I thought a lot of them had harsh edges and I hated that, and I also thought the colors were very messy and weird-looking.

I layered my watercolour with some drops of black ink on water, and I thought they were working well. 

I was skeptical on whether it could look good in the end, but as soon as I splattered some whites on it, a galaxy suddenly appeared!

I wonder how Ana got her background to be so seamless and integrated together? 

All in all, it was a fun project and I will continue to hone my watercolour skills! :)



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