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Connecting personal trainers with prospects


  1. trainers have profiles - specialties
  2. able to sign up same day like classes at gym
  3. lower prices, higher profit margin for trainers

User stories:

  1. I'd like a site that has reputable, vetted, experienced personal trainers I can choose from
  2. I would like to pay online
  3. I would like the trainers to be able to train me in my home or a location nearby
  4. The trainer fee should be lower than what it is at the gym 
  5. I'd like to schedule same day training sessions the way I schedule Soulcycle or yoga

How to manage:

  1. Be a middleman - same as tastemaker


  1. Wufoo - form page
  2. Weebly
  3. Recurly
  4. 99 Designs


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