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Kim Degener

Dog Trainer and Fiber Artist



Train Your Dog Like a Pro: Lay a Foundation For a Happy Dog

I've been training dogs and their handlers for over twenty years,  and have worked with hundreds of dog/handler teams. I'm also an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. I started working dogs in college while I was studying Equine Science,  and decided to take a working dog class, and I was hooked.  I've worked with dogs in many different disciplines,  but my main focus is pet dogs. It's my goal to help dogs become happy, active family members with good manners and social skills.  This first class will be all about laying a foundation for more advanced work, like basic obedience,  preparing for a Canine Good Citizen test, demonstrating good manners in their environment,  and perhaps trick training. 

In this class,  I plan on covering:

  1. What are some of the best tricks the pros use to train their dogs, and how they can help you train your pet?
  2. Wagging tails: training time is playing time, and that makes a happy dog.
  3. The three main ingredients for successful dog training: good timing,  consistently,  and patience
  4. Everyone works harder for a paycheck: choosing the right reward for your dog
  5. YES! Letting your dog know that he did the right thing (marker training)
  6. Luring: use that paycheck to lead him on
  7. Control the front end, and you control the back end: luring into sit and down
  8. Spin Cycle: using circles to keep your dog interested
  9. Put it together:you now have a dog who's attention is on you,  that you can lure into basic positions,  and you have a fun trick to re-engage the bored, energetic,  or distracted dog.

Class project: film a video of you demonstrating these principles in your chosen environment. Mix it up and have fun with it. Challenge yourself and your canine companion. Go somewhere public, try a simple obstacle course, or try to choreograph these new skills with a bit of music.  The possibilities are endless.  The end goal is to have a happy, enthusiastic,  tail wagging dog, and a happy,  enthusiastic,  smiling handler.


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