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Trailblazers and Wilderness Adventures


With spring weather around the corner, I've been itching to get out on the trails. What better time to be researching a slew of woodland imagery? From studying deer and pines trees, to hunks with flowers in their beards, it has been a very fun diversion!

But no matter how many cute animals I come across, it's the vintage camping gear, and backpackers that keep drawing me in.  There's an authenticity that seems raw and lovely despite the ubiquity of plaid and beards I encounger around town. (Please Note, I'm not hating! I love plaid and beards too!) 

I wonder if  I could translate all this imagery into clothing or stationery marketed toward those like-souls whose hearts belong to the woods (but reside in cities). Or urban lumberjacks/janes :)

Here's a start to my research, in moodboard form:



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