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Irina Almgren

Getting animated



Traffic Light (Ready, Set, Go!)

Steady... (Stage 2: animation recreated)

I've recreated the animation since there was no time for getting all creative right now. See now that I need to move "Steady" a bit to the right.

This little project was a great way to get back into Ae after a while and start remembering things. It also triggered my own creative juices and made me think what I could add. I'd like to sit with it a while longer, maybe see if I can add more personality to the design and the movement itself. 

Am not surprised the traffic light in the Netherlands has a more orangy color in the middle. :) Oh the Dutch and their love for things orange :-)



Ready... (Stage 1: graphics and text)

Hi, Sebastiaan,

I've joined the class (and the workshop). My goal for the project is to get into Ae (use it as a warm up for more complex projects) and create the described animation.

I will see in what way I chose to animate the text. The simple left to right animation sounds appears to be the obvious choice because that's how the vehicles move on the roads, horizontally (most of the time :-) but it can be fun to have the text move differently.  

At this stage the graphics and the text are READY.



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