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Trade School Norwich

Trade School Norwich is part of what might be called the 'Collaborative Economy' (as opposed to the 'Sharing Economy'). It is a non-profit that provides classes in lots of different subjects. These are the classes coming up in May.

Trade School operates on a barter system. In exchange for a class students offer the teacher something that the teacher has specified on a list. Money never changes hands. Here's an example of one class with the bartered items the teacher has asked for.

We started using MailChimp as a marketing tool when we found that the only way that people were finding out about classes was through social media and that this was not working too well - mostly as it means they have to come to us rather then us to them.

Subscribers get a monthly email detailing all of the classes coming up with a 'call to action' at the end which is to sign up to a class. This is an example of one of our emails.

As you can see the class titles are in italics and the name of the teacher is in bold. There is then a brief biography of the teacher and a brief description of the class. The use of italics and bold are meant to catch the eye of the reader and to engage their interest quicker.

We currently have just under 300 subscribers (not bad for a small city in the east of England). We have an open rate of about 55-60% and a click rate of 7-10%. I am told that this is pretty good. I think one of the reasons for this is that we are offering something very specific, our subsribers are enthusiatic about the idea of Trade School and that they are keen to learn new and different things. This is the main reason why we have not segmented them. 

We recently sent out an ad hoc email asking for new volunteers to help us run Trade School. That had a great reaction and as a result we are able to expand what we are offering.


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