Tracy's subtle eye

Tracy's subtle eye - student project

Tracy's subtle eye - image 1 - student projectTracy's subtle eye - image 2 - student projectTracy's subtle eye - image 3 - student projectIn the first photo, you see my before, sans makeup.

I then started with my shimmery waterproof beige shadow from lash to brow.  After, I added a matte cocoa shadow in the crease, and blended slightly upward so as not to have a harsh line.  Then, I added my Star Powder to the middle of the lid to make it pop a little.  I proceeded to apply my waterproof black eye liner to my lash line and pulled out and up a little in the outer corner, and then applied a nice helping of black mascara to my lashes, making sure to get right up into the lashline to make the lashes look as thick as possible.  Finally, I added a nice bright pink lipstick with a lighter shimmery pink lipstick in the centers of my lower and upper lips to finish off my daytime look.