Tracy's Sultry Day to Evening Smokey Eye

Tracy's Sultry Day to Evening Smokey Eye  - student project

Tracy's Sultry Day to Evening Smokey Eye  - image 1 - student projectTracy's Sultry Day to Evening Smokey Eye  - image 2 - student projectFor my sultry day to night look, I first started with my daytime look from my previous project.  You don't want to have to take all your makeup off and then reapply from scratch.  I added a cream grey waterproof shadow all over the lid; that way the beige of my daytime look still shines through.  Second, I used my bullet brush to add a dark chocolate brown in the crease and then down in the corner toward the outside corner of my lash line.  Then I wiped off the same bullet brush and used a shimmery black over the dark brown, but only in the outer corner, almost to the middle of the crease, and back down to the outer lashline.  Also, I used a liner brush to apply the same shimmery black eyeshadow underneath the lower lashes.  After this, I used the fluffy crease brush to apply a nice chocolate brown to the crease, and over the black in the corner of the lid.  Lastly, I applied waterproof black eyeliner to my inner lower lashline and then applied black waterproof mascara to my upper lashes, and to my bottom lashes, making sure not to get clumpy.  Of course, you need a great nude lip with your smokey eye.  I applied a nude lip liner, a shimmery pink nude lipstick, a fabulous nude gloss!