Tracking & Adjusting My Tech Use

Tracking & Adjusting My Tech Use - student project

Inspired by David’s tips about digital wellness and uninspired by my phone’s omnipresence in my life, I made the decision to become more aware of my own tech use. David recommends downloading an app that tracks or limits screen time, so I downloaded Moment. Moment is an app that tracks how much time you spend on your phone each day, how many times a day you open your phone, and even how much time you spend on specific apps.


I checked Moment this morning and was surprised to find that by 10:45 AM, I had already spent just shy of an hour staring at my phone. That’s a lot of time! Actually, let me rephrase that: That’s a lot of wasted time.


I always check my phone when I wake up and I scroll through social media and news sites aimlessly while I’m eating breakfast, but according to the app, I’m spending more time doing those two things than I thought.


Tracking & Adjusting My Tech Use - image 1 - student project

My current dashboard in Moment. 


The great thing about having an app like this is that it shows me these large blocks of time that I spent on my phone but that I could have spent doing other things. I could have called a friend or made some progress in the book I’m currently reading. With this in mind, I'll be putting down my phone tomorrow morning and picking up that book instead!