Traci's Influence Map

Traci's Influence Map - student project

Traci's Influence Map - image 1 - student project

I really enjoyed this class!  I NEVER thought about the media in my childhood really having an effect on my style or taste, but I can definitely see those influences in my art now!

Choosing what to put on my "Influence Map" was a challenge!  As a product of the 60s and70s there was magic in TV and movies, especially the classics like Wizard of Oz and anything animated!  I remember Sunday evenings after dinner and a bath we were allowed to watch ABC's Wonderful World of Disney!  And I was so enchanted by musicals, fashion, and far away places!  I loved old black & white shows like Leave It To Beaver, Andy Griffith, I Love Lucy and Father Knows Best (I still watch them).  But there were a TON of great sitcoms like Gilligan's Island, Beverly Hillbillies, I Dream of Jeannie, Partridge Family, Brady Bunch, and variety shows like Carol Burnett.  I drew all the time and enjoyed children's rhymes, verses, fairy tales and fables as well as classics like Charlotte's Web.  I listened to folk music because the lyrics told stories (just listen to Peter Paul and Mary's "Puff the Magic Dragon").  Being a teen in the mid-to-late 70s was great because of wholesome family shows like Little House on the Prairie.  When I graduated college and became an adult in the 80s I sort of drifted away from all that until I had my own children.  Though I really enjoyed the music and TV of the 80s and 90s.

I feel like this exercise has brought me full circle.  As I watch old shows and movies and pour over books from my childhood, I treasure these things more than I did as a child.  Even in this digitized age, I appreciate and value the text and illustrations in old picture books.  Surprisingly, I'm finding this "vintage style" creeping into my own art making.  Very cool!

Thank you for this class!

Traci Allison
Illustrator + Designer