Tracetable icons

Tracetable icons - student project


I am working on 9 icons for a website that focuses on education. Each icon represents a distinct area: After School, Enrichment, Parent Involvement, Fundraising, Volunteer Coordinating, Professional Development, Recruiting / Outreach, Branding / Publicity, School Services.

The website is a database of case studies related to each topic. The idea is that users can read ideas and TRACE aspects they like in order to create their very best model for success.

Each icon needs to illustrate not only the category (fundraising, parent involvement) but the idea/concept of tracing.

Tracetable icons - image 1 - student project

Step 1:

Here is my first go at the idea map (love these - are essential to any project I do! So happy Dominic suggested) and first sketches. I do know I need to simplify!

Tracetable icons - image 2 - student project

Tracetable icons - image 3 - student project