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TraDigital Art: Using Traditional Elements in Digital Art

2/21/2016: Challenge End Report

  • Number of students enrolled in your class: I just recently reached 100 students! It's nice already having a bit of a following on Skillshare, heheh. 
  • Positive reviews from your students: These three lovely ladies left really wonderful reviews and I'm so grateful. ಥ‿ಥ
  1. Amazing class! Very useful. I am beginner with Photoshop and I can't wait to try all those tricks - Sova Huova
  2. Thank you, I really loved your class you made all so easy to follow. Learned a lot! - Meriliis Rinne
  3. It has several good techniques on removing the background in photoshop that I wasn't familiar with. Very helpful. - Lynda Metcalf
  • What marketing tactics worked best for you: Probably sharing it on facebook and emailing my friends and family. I got a lot of enrollments out of them. :)
  • What you plan to do next to engage your students: I'm tentatively considering doing a workshop at some point in the future, but I'm not entirely sure how to market it. Whatever the case, one thing I know I want to do is thank my students when I reach certain milestones like 500 students, etc.


 Hi, everyone. I managed to publish my class just in time. I think I had a half an hour to spare, haha. This is actually my second class and I thought I was more prepared this time and it wouldn't be down to the wire again (as it was in November), but alas. ;)

Anyhoo, you can find my class here. I've emailed my family and friends and posted to Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. 

Here's the facebook status I made on my art page (I also shared it on a few art groups and pages I'm a member of):


How do y'all feel about my cover image? Any suggestions for improvement?

I've also put a permanent link to my Skillshare classes on my art tumblr:


I'm going to follow a few more of the suggestions on the Additional Marketing Tips of the Teacher Handbook (thanks for the good advice, Skillshare team!), like, posting a free video lesson on YouTube and sharing my class with my LinkedIn connections. :)


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