Toy Story

Toy Story - student project

I was initially inspired by the thumbnail for the class- the multicolored letters quickly reminded me of my favorite Disney movie, Toy Story.  My initial artwork was this:

Toy Story - image 1 - student project


I originally wanted to keep to a primary color scheme since it feels jovial and fits the toy theme, but found myself straying from that as I brought my work into photoshop.  Instead I went with a pastel pink sort of feel.


I ended up with this as my final project:

Toy Story - image 2 - student project


My laptop had its work cut out for in the 3D rendering, and out of fear of stressing it out, I chose not to go back and investigate a few mistakes.  I noticed that the r in Story is sort of pinched, and my o's both seem to pucker in the corner.  I'm not sure why that happened, but am still pretty content with the final outcome!


I would like to make the letters more like my original idea in the future, but am not sure the best way to go about making the letters each different colors!  I have some ideas on how to go about that, but would love any suggestions if anyone reading this far has any!


Thank you Jamie for the great class!  I feel like I learned so so much so quickly!  Excited to play around with this effect more in the future.