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Toy Lion

As soon as I finished the class I knew exactly how to tackles this project. My step-father had been asking me to design a logo for him for quite some time. Too long actually. It just so happened to be a lion that I had been working on so it fit the project description perfectly. 

I started just like the instructor; gathered some reference...


Then I sketched various versions of the mark on tracing paper...



Then I took a picture of the final sketch and threw into Illustrator.

The first grey lion is the closest to the original sketch and as it goes down it progresses toward the final in green (green was used just for fun and a change from the red. No reason other than that.)


You'll notice that I started using the griding system at one point, and it helped a ton, but then I made some other eye-balled tweaks after that and just got to a point where I was happy with it. 

I started with this ribbon like design at first, which is what interested me about it. After a while, it just kind of...slowly transformed into what you see at the end. Less organic and almost toy like. I'm happy with where it is and I enjoyed this challenge very much! I'm thinking of adding some type below it somewhere at somepoint but I won't go into that since it's deviating away from the project.

Would appreciate any feedback or crit! Thanks a ton!


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