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Townsville Alley

I've never really drawn perspective before, and I'm no aspiring comic artist, but I thought it was an important consideration in developing my own technical skills. Something to keep in my toolkit, even if I don't aspire to create environment-heavy images like Matt's.


I first thought of a three point scene - a vet's office. I had trouble with this though, and I thought as a beginner it'd be easier to start smaller and go down to one point. I'm someone who really strugles with spatial intelligence in real life (no depth perception, sense of direction, etc.) so I don't usually draw complex backgrounds or cities.

This is the one point sketch I ended up taking off with. There are probably foreshortening issues - not too sure about the doors on the right matching up with the gate on the left - I think the doors may be far too wide in reality. The large box on the right will also be a dumpster, which in reality isn't that neat of a rectangle.


I added in characters by using Matt's trick about placing them with lines and an X to see their appropriate place from the vantage point. I realized that the girls are about 6 years old, so I doubt they'd be taller than the dumpster. I also doubt a dumpster would be taller than the door. It's really hard comparing objects to each other in size and position! I assume drawing from life more will help.




This is the result. 


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