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Toward Creativity!

And now, for the gum ideas. I'll draw these this evening after the workout, but these are the ideas I have for pictures, automobiles, and epic poetry. We call it, The Gum Project. Or, in the spirit of John Le Carre, The Gum Identity.

1. Epic Poem called The Gum Tree. The Gum Tree is part of the Gum Orchard, full of different types of trees for the different types of gum. The Bubblicious, The Wrigleys, The Dentyne. From Fun to Mature to Workmanlike, all gums are represented.

2. New Art Medium: Gum Shoes (with a tip of the hat to Dashiell Hammett): similar in idea to the "color run," the gum shoes is an event that creates art out of sticky, hot, chewed gum. We don our Gum Shoes, which look suspiciously like saddle shoes, step out onto a sidewalk full of nothing but concrete, then we start dropping chewed gum wads of all varieties and colors onto the sidewalk. We move and create with the soles of our feet. When we're done we just walk away and let the result harden for all to enjoy.

3. A photo montage titled "The Graveyards of Gum." Why do we hide dead gum under desks, chairs, benches? We give it no decent burial. Photos of shamed-gum will inspire the world to dispose of its gum in an appropriately reverent way, such as using it for the Gum Shoes project.

4. The Gum Car: a jawbreaker, bright pink, better than the Oscar Meyer Wiener-mobile.

5. The Gum-Tropolis. Think of the old silent movie Metropolis and place the seamier side of the gum industry there. The Tyranny of Gum. Manufacturing. Distribution. The Un-Fun of Gum. Both an artistic endeavor and a story of good triumphing over evil

Creativity means I have to do an intellectual about-face and RUN from my irrepressibly pragmatic self. Sometimes it goes in spurts. This was a result of the confluence of two things: I borrowed a book on cave art from the library, and my Mom needed some condolence cards made up. (Great fun, and she's an easy audience.)

This is my favorite, and maybe Mom's favorite too:


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