Tove Jansson illustration

Tove Jansson illustration - student project

About the original picture
This is an illustration by the finish artist Tove Jansson (jepp, Moomin). Apart from loving her work I´ve choosen this one because there are some diffrent textures in it and also because I like to try to recreate that handmade screenprint feeling digitaly. Since it´s not realy an ad I might add some text to it just for practising. 

Basic layout
So far so good. I know how to use vectors since before, but I haven´t taken the time to learn to use all the functions of illustrator, so the parts about preferences and building with shapes is the ones that has beem most useful to me. 

Tove Jansson illustration - image 1 - student project

Now i try to figure out if the different strokes and lines can help me to create the screenprinted feeling or if there´s a better way.