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Nancy Troske




Tourmaline & Raw Diamond Pendant

This one I didn't use the white gradient.  I changed the exposure and upped the vibrance & used auto tone.  I'd like the background to be whiter, but the eyedropper is telling me it's white, it doesn't look white though here.

Photo hasn't had any editing and I would love help improving the lighting, etc. (Up until now I've had my work professionally photographed but I have all the equipment and feel I need some tweaking to improve the result,  from the camera & in Photoshop CS6.

My project is pretty straightforward.  I need professional quality photos of my jewelry on a white background to go online and for print use (postcards, etc.).  I like a drop shadow.

Photo above is typical of the dark photo I always get & the focus when I view it in actual pixels could be sharper.   It was taken with:

Canon EOS Rebel XTi on a tripod
Macro Lens EF 100mm  f/2.8

Exposure was  1/6 sec  f/22 ISO 100

White posterboard is behind the pendant.

Light are daylight lights on each side:

As you can see, I need  HELP.... I have a light tent but don't use it.

Here's my basic setup:


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