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Touring Band App

So I  strayed away from the theme of travel app. I decided to create a re/design of an app that assists users with booking and managing a tour for their band. The target user is an up-and-coming artist that doesn't have much music industry connections, or money to pay for a professional agency.

Here's a list of primary user tasks:

  • Search for venues
  • Search for local supporting bands
  • Search for lodgings
  • Visualize tour route
  • Track and balance tour budget


The personas were based on two types of creatives and an ameteur manager.

  • The Scene Veteran, is an experienced artist that has played with their band for a couple years, have a modest amount of contacts and followers, and is curious about using a new tool to expand their network.
  • The New Comer is somone totally new to booking tours, has very little social capital, but is super hopeful about their journey.
  • The Band Manager is a friend of the creative user that took on managng the tour as a hobby, they know the mechanics of project management, and their primary concern is creating a profitable bottom line.

I used the Xtensio User Persona Tool to flesh out the following personas:




That's it for now! On to mapping the user journey!


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