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If you’ve built a local following but it ain’t payin’ the bills this is your chance to escape the grind!

Tours that are being booked by your peers need good supporting acts to help fill the room with new potential raving fans.
If that’s just what you do anyway, then you’re about to become a tour hopper!

Here’s how it works:

 Tour Hopper  is like Klout for bands. Except we take it a step further.  It grabs your influence rating through metrics like fan count,  people talking about you, who’s listening to you and where they are listening to you. It then hooks you up with comparable artists in similar genres, with a similar history of show prestige in geographic areas that would complement and expand your reach.  In exchange for kick ass shows out of your town you contribute a kick ass show in your town.

Tour Hopper matches you up to book good tours.

This is based on industry standard metrics, not gamed “likes” on facebook. You’re influence is then rated.
Based on your artist evaluation, Tour-Hopper finds comparable tours that you should be on and makes sure you’re on them.
Never miss an opportunity again.

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2.  My Facebook Jab:

I had to create a new Facebook page.  I slapped this image together to grab some attention and say something funny.  Not exactly a graphic designer.  Any input would be great!

Tour Hopper Raving Fan


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