Tough Mommy

I am tired of feeling delicate.

History: I grew up on a small farm and was definitely a tomboy. Normal activities included stacking 80lb hay bales (keeping up with dad), wrestling sheep for branding, breaking horses, climbing trees. I felt strong and was able to reach my lowest body fat level in college and feel really confident. Unfortunately I lost the last 10 lbs in such a drastic way that it wasn't sustainable, I got sick, fractured my back in a bike wreck, then dislocated my shoulder snowboarding, then a few years later sprained my knee multiple times (inadequate recovery). In the middle of all this I tried (and loved) rock climbing, and spontaneously ran a 12k for my first race ever.  I am trying to keep this short so let's just say that I was making good consistent progress three years ago but really injured my knee, then had a baby, and my back problem returned. A year ago I was only allowed to lift 5lbs for a few reps under supervision and it was a very difficult timetoff me. I continued the stabilization exercises and added yoga until this October.  I finally felt confident enough to lift again!

Current situation: My recovery time is slowly improving. In October I tried to to three days a week lifting with two days a week interval training but my knee just couldn't keep up. A few months later I can finally do hiking and a leg workout in the same week. I am not sure what kind of a plan would help me regain my fitness levels and also prevent injuring myself again by going too hard. I am open to suggestions.

My Goals: 

    1. lose 10lbs body fat - I would really like to get to about 15-18 percent body fat and maintain.
    2. Do two pull-ups with good form
    3. Complete a Tough Mudder (2013 hopefully)


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