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Hi everyone! this is my first skillshare class so I thought that I would introduce myself. My name is Jess and I'm 16 years old. I have a passion for Graphic Design (especially Typography) so as soon as I saw this class, I knew I would be joining. I have tought myself Photoshop for a few years now  with youtube videos, tutorials and experimenting. I hope to be a Graphic Designer one day so I am building up a portfolio. I would appreciate as much critique as I can get so I can keep improving. Now thats out of the way, here is my Project!

I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest and a website called . They have great galleries of advertising, editorial illustration, print design, logos and of course, Photography. I ended up choosing a photo from this website that I found very Interesting.

I love the gold hands and the sort of pattern that they are making. It is a really striking image and that is why I like it. I am going with a short word to really add impact and that word is 'TOUCH'. 



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