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I chose to adapt "Hands" from Winesburg, Ohio: A Group of Tales of Ohio Small-Town Life by Sherwood Anderson. I love Sherwood Anderson's writing because instead of focusing mainly on plot, he does an excellent job of developing characters. I like to do the same; the character(s) make(s) the story.


A peculiar man, Wing Biddlebaum is terrified to so much as graze someone with his hands. What possibly could have inspired such fear in a man? 

Synopsis (kind of): 

Wing Biddlebaum has lived in the town of Winesburg, Ohio, for twenty years. He is forty; no one knows where he came from or what he did before he came to Winesburg. He is simply known as "Wing Biddlebaum" a nickname inspired from how his hands fly through the air. Fly through the air, that is, when he allows them to leave his pockets. The entire town wants to know: what's up with Wing Biddlebaum? Why is he so solitary? Why do his hands seem to be separate from his body? Join Biddlebaum as he struggles through his life in the present and go with him as he journeys back through time to reveal the secret of his past; a secret that began with lies. 



I used some of the feedback that I've received and cut out some of the unnecessary bits. I added another scene as well as more dialogue. I think it works well; I like it better than the first draft. Thanks everyone, and please keep leaving more feedback and comments!


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Please leave comments and criticism! Cheers!


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