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Amy Olszak

Illustration Graduate




Hello my name is Amy,

I started this class to finally start to learn Adobe illustrator properly. I have an illustration degree that was very fine art based so I am looking to further my skills (and career prospects) by learning this software! I am excitied to begin...

I have chosen a nice simple design to work with. This image is by Carl Ernst at Bauhaus. This is the kind of work I want to eventually create, simple and perfectly balanced graphic pieces. I am also in love with the texture, to be able to recreate this would be wonderful.

Image I am working from.

My work after the first video, created using the pen tool. I am very proud of this, it may not look much but this is probably the furthest I have gone with the pen tool without running out of the room screaming! So far, not so scary :) Brads tips and shortcuts made the niggly little corners less tedious.. I am learning already!

This is the basic finished article before any textures are applied. I had fun playing with the typography and gradients and am nearly there!


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