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Toucan Mark

First I selected the Toucan for because of the intresting shape of the beak.  Began a mood board with 6 images this could work as a nice base for a logo mark.  #2 or #5 are the ones I am leaning towards..  although I'm not sure if the angle of #2 will look as a final image....

• Well I stated drawing both and really didnt like the way the back feathers looked with #5 so #2 will be by base image for this logo.  I can really see the difference once you going finding different shapes within the image. Did a bunch of sketches but this was my latest page full.  The body seems like it may need somehting but maybe with a shade or somehting may give it a more complete look. Any advise/critques would help me out

continued sketching.. I maybe going away from the minimalist somehow but I like the way the beaks are looking in these.

Took sketchs to Illustrator to start creating.  Traced one and made several tweeks until I got something I really liked. Adjustments still need to be made but this is where Im at as of now. 

• Im not sure If this mark has too many colors in it or not. So I made a 1 color also. 

• After some more playing around I can up with a slighty different variation of the logo. Not sure if this is better or worse but still a positive creation. 

• Have I been approacing this all wrong? Ill take any advice! Is this this more of what I should be doing? 

* Yet another variation...

Alright after alot of work I think I finally made a minimalist mark. I now see that all the others were not what I should have been doing. Had fun making some new logos though. 

**********************NEXT PROJECT****************************

For this project I picked the letter A and a design company. I tried sketching but wasnt coming up with anyhting I loved, so I moved out of the book and on to the computer. After some time I got someting like what is shown. I tweaked it adding the shadowing and then added the white so it popped more.  


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