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Josh Cole

Creative Director at ST8MNT




To start I created a series of illustrations using Adobe Draw on the iPad Pro, and importing into Illustrator to create a series of SVG assets.


Started with the bottom asset to use throughout the project to see the variations from the course beginning to finish.

First things first, I started with this image to pull colors from. In the end I stepped off the path just a bit to adjust colors, but it's the foundation. 


Once I used the ColorPickingTool and established my pool of colors, I broke those up a bit knowing I wanted to do a bit of a layered piece. With the 1st group of colors I applied those to a random remix using all the stroke elements around the figure, and ended up with this background.


Next I started to apply additional layers as well as additional color pools, ending up with something that wasn't really doing it for me. The colors were not working in unison as I'd hoped.


Ended up making some tweaks to the HColorPool and decided not to introduce the additional colors quite yet.


Next up, time to add the hero. After the first round it was bit much. Time to tame that shit. Not to mention, I had to dial down the background elements as it kept crashing. Too much SVG I'm guessing. At this point I had to start working in separate renders and join them together in the end as I have NO clue how to bump up the memory Sublime or Hype is allocating.


Lots of trial and error and the color pool was starting to come together.


Still wanted to bring more of the blues and yellows in so I started experimenting with some different shapes.


As well as one last shape.


After a lot of tweaking, adding the stroke tricks Josh revealed, I ended up with this final piece.



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