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Totally textile

BEFORE BED: My bed undressed

BED AFTER: My bed clothed. I am a little crazy obsessed with this yellow quilt. Mustard yellow is my favorite color but my boyfriends is blue. Complimentary I know so you think it would be all over the place but when I say my boyfriend doesn't like yellow, I mean he hates yellow. I like color so blue is cool (pun intended) and there is a lot to choose from with blue so that color is indeed all over out house but I had to get this! I just did. I love it. It brightens up the room along side the white bedding and compliments the blue. I am pattern wild as you can see our tapestry. I hope it all goes to everyone else's eyes. I love it!!



I was like, I'm gunna do something simple and I got this. Not at all SIMPLE!!! I just can't do it. Can someone teach me to be satisfied with less?!!

My boyfriend and me being cute

Bells from Spain


SOFA AFTER: I have an L-shaped couch and really wanted to section it off using what I have by applying it in a smaller space on the couch rather than it feeling unbalanced using the entire couch. Added some life with some notes and a magazine : )

The BLING in the glass of my vintage binoculars similar to those in Roger Rabbit, as well as my lamp base 

Well there you all go! My projects "es completo." So much fun figuring out balance and texture and editing through out. I hope everyone had a blast as well ! : ) : ) : )

Before photo

After photo

1. Applying the 8 Principals as well as Laure's photo tips. I dont have a tripod for my I phone and didnt have my coffee yet so my hands were shakin like crazy but I think they came out pretty darn good : )

2. My first round tape bouquet! Thanks Justina for the floral tips. I never have used tape before and I was really pleased with how my mums turned out. BLING! 

3. Rockies

4. Added LIFE

5. Fin

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This coffee table is actually a TV stand from beloved Ikea and actually used to be in our much larger bedroom in our previous rental. We downsized considerably and need all the storage we can get so this doubles as a DVD storage facility. I cleared it so I can present a clean surface that is ready and waiting to be "fancified " : )

The catastrophe that is our bookcase. We had Built-ins in the old home and they housed all, and I mean ALL of our books. I am an avid reader and I have always said if my house catches on fire Im grabbin my books. This is only some of them and If you can see we have to double them up in front of the other books. We moved in about 4 months ago and have been doing other projects and our prized possessions have been under and amongst dust and clutter. I LOVE the color we chose to paint the bookcases so hopefully with this class I will be motivated to reveal some of it 

Well, well, that another Ikea purchase? I think it is. This was a big purchase for us. Believe me. I want to live in an all custom made or vintage house with the furniture and accessories to match but getting my boyfriend on board is pretty difficult. I can spend all day wishing and wanting and hoping but he's not into it so I gotta take what I can get (you should have seen what we had before). Mind you, this couch has proven to be great and functional. Like I said, our place is uber-tiny and we need to maximize space for ourselves and when we entertain so this creates a division of space and its not too bad on the eyes. 

I really enjoy console tables. This is out bar/dj area/fireplace.....I found that fireplace screen at an estate sale and guess boyfriend didn't want it and I was like screw you. This is brass and I bargained for it for $20 bucks. I get compliments on it all the time and he acts like it was his idea to buy it. HA! I like consoles cause its definitely an area you can restyle over and over and not get rolled eyes for it.

Our bed is not usually this bland. I really want to style these spaces and make them seem brand new. I do like white bedding with a burst of color with a throw and pillows.  Although my heart is bohemian and vintage and I dig a lot of patterns, some people find it overwhelming, especially in small spaces, in particular, the bedroom. Everyone wants a spa and I understand that so thats why my walls are a mild greenish-blueish-greyish-color and my bedding and textiles are vibrant and eclectic. FUN!!!

All in all I like my home. There is always something to do in my eyes and I think thats the "arteest" in me. I love change in the home and staying current but mostly I want to live in a home that feels lived in and welcoming. It always smells like cookies or candles or candles that smell like cookies in my house. I want to share that with everyone!!! : )


I chose it cause I like it 


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