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Totally Not Mark Watney

STEP #1 - Decide what to make

I had an old design kicking around that I thought would work well as a badge design and more importantly, that I wasnt totally happy with. Time to get updating!

STEP #2 - Decide what to change

This was my original design:


I decided I wanted to change a few things

  • More color, I like the hit of orange and red I felt like the rest had entirely too much white
  • Wonkie shadows, I'm not a scientist but I'm pretty sure thats not how shadows work
  • Chubby, the helmet seemed too wide for the height of the entire piece

I purposely didnt look at other badges for inspiration, I didnt want to fall in love with a design and then borrow too heavily from it. With that said you might be able to guess which recent astronaut wore a suit with this color scheme. I purposelly avoided putting ARES on the suit to keep the similiairties (hopefully) somewhat subtle.

STEP #3 - Get to work


As you can see the final thing isnt terribly complicated which I hoped would work well with the stitching of a badge.

STEP #4 - The Final Design


Step #5 - Always appreciate feedback

After reading feedback I tweaked the colors of the suit and added in the maple leaf from the original design.


And there it is. Thank you for taking a look!

If you have an idea how I could improve my design please leave a comment below :D


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