Totally My House (Not)

Totally My House (Not) - student project

Totally My House (Not) - image 1 - student projectThis class was great. I have avoided learning how to make brushes in Peocreate for a year now, and Jamie made it apparent that it doesn’t have to be so intimidating. I see there are a lot of other variables to learn, but the basis she set made brush creation seem like something even a noob like me can handle. I really appreciate her clear and relaxed presentation style.


This house is nothing like my real home. And though I love my little home, I felt inspired to doodle dreams I have of a future home, as well as  work in  nods to light fixtures and furniture designed by folks in my region, and to my kitty cats.


 I had fun, and being new to the world of Peocreate and illustration, I found it a manageable and enjoyable prompt. Thank you, Jamie!

Ali McQueen
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