Total Rec: Recreation at University of Maryland

I want to create a map feauturing the opportunities for recreation on campus at University of Maryland, College Park. I think the misconception is that you have to go to "the gym" which is the main rec center located on one side of campus. I want to show that there are places across campus for informal recreation, classes and general health/fitness/wellness.

  • I am making this map as an informative, but also way finding tool
  • I work in marketing for Campus Recreation and find that students are unaware of what we offer and where
  • Mainly targeting undergrads who live on campus, but general campus population could find useful
  • Final project will be digital, probably prominent on website. Maybe integrate into mobile app.
  • Trying to consider how to integrate "Maryland Pride" which is very popular. Also university brand messaging is "Fearless ideas" which piggy backs on athletics tagline "Fear the Turtle"

General campus map, is overwhelming and very hard to navigate.

Like the idea of trying to make this into an info graphic style map


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