Tossing It Soon!

Here is my final. Although I like the previous wall paper one, I still feel like your eyes get tired about where to look first, and I wanted to add some emphasis so that you read the silly stories about them, so I simplified and made the landscape. Also as I got better with the Magic wand tool I liked the look of the images blending with the background. Thank you Kate! This was a fun exercise 


I thought the color added some cohesion and I tested it out on a few people and they said it was a little difficult to read because the text was a little bunched and it was hard to tell what text went with what object. I think this  it could make for a fun wallpaper.


At this point I was just learning about the magic wand tool and all of its glory, so I was sorta lassoing until I got a good hold of it. I was limited as to how close I could get the text to the object because of it.


This is my preliminary sketch...at this point wasn't sure about scale and color and new very little about photoshop etc...but liked using Kate's theme of stuff I'm planning on throwing out because I love the story behind things and that sentiment is why I have so much junk.



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