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Toss Up a Seamless Repeat in Photoshop



One of the hardest and most frustrating parts of creating a seamless repeat pattern is getting it to be seamless. Sherry London of prancingpixel designs is a Photoshop expert, author, and surface pattern designer, and she has created a process that's 100% guaranteed to get you a seamless repeat on the first try, every time.

Learn this wonderful new technique even if you're a Photoshop beginner. Before the class ends, you'll learn how to use this method with all types of designs and greatly improve your Photoshop working methods.

In the process of having fun with a doodled tossed repeat (think of a salad with all of the elements thrown up in the air), you’ll learn some serious Photoshop techniques to keep you from ever having to apologize to a client (or to yourself) as to why you could not easily alter your final image. That’s “Photoshop with no apologies.” Discover a design strategy that lets you edit every part of your image, any time, without ever having to start over.

This class is perfect for hobbyists, Photoshop newbies, as well as professional designers and experienced Photoshop users. Drawing skills are not required…


Create a Tossed Seamless Repeat Pattern with Doodled Motifs


Using the Photoshop with No Apology workflow, you’ll create a seamless tossed repeat from three doodled motifs. The assignment will cover the following steps:

  • Creating two doodled motif base layers and a third that is constructed
  • Creating top layers with which to decorate your motifs
  • Adding some special effects to the motifs
  • Building the base pattern layers and arranging them
  • Defining the seamless pattern repeat
  • Testing the repeat and making any desired changes


  • Your three starting doodles—one painted, one filtered, and one constructed.
  • Your pattern build image with all of the motifs arranged.
  • Your final seamless repeat tile.
  • The final pattern image, totally finished.





Students who post their pattern tile in the project gallery can request via email a link to an extra video that shows how to make easier alterations to their pattern layers whilst designing. Those who post their final project can request an emailed PDF of how to upload designs to Spoonflower.




The class outline can be found here.


I could not figure out where to put it so I have it up on Vimeo for now. I also added it to my unpublished course--however, though I saved a draft of the course, I see no way to get back into that draft


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