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Toselli Family Crest

I never considered to create a family crest, moreover I never used Illustrator seriously so thi sclass is prefect for me!

First things first, I reflected on which lines comes from my Grand Parents to me.  To make a long story short I found 5 main themes:

Motors and Mechanics: I never met my grand father because he died when my father was a little boy, but I know fr sure he was a mechanician. This passion for mechanics and motors in for sure in my family DNA and I was myself a mechanician a motorcycle racer.

Photography: my father was a talented pro photographer. I still love photography and nowadays I regret I didn't take over his activity.

Mountains: in our family we all love mountains. Particularly me and my father enjoyed mountains plenty, climbing, walking, shiing.

Cuisine and Cooking: passion for cooking is strong across all the family.

Sketchnoting and Visual arts: this is my thing, very new for the family and I hope to instill this passion in the youger members.

I wanted to put all these elements in my family crest and, as in I'm not anIllustrator expert I started putting together things with a different easier tool.

Here s what I did.


As usual I published this on Twitter asking the community for comments and suggestions.

After collecting some coments, it was the moment to put my hands on Illustrator. And the adventure began!

Here is my first steps!

I considered the use of a double ribbon. The upper one for family name and the lower one for the motto.

The motto is "from Fathers to Sons".

A friend suggested to write the motto in Latin and I liked a lot the idea!

This is what I figured out.

To be honest, I must say it took me 6h learning the basics of AI and putting this together. Given my "newbieness" I'm very happy with the outcome.

Photography and cooking themes still missing. I'm working on it!

** Update **

In the first picture I drew the photography symbol as an old Rolleiflex camera. That king of camera was a distinctive trait on my father work and I'm particularly fond of it. However, I noticed that not all people recognize it. 

I draw also a "classic" camera.

I must say I'm not very happy with is and I think I'll go with the Rolleiflex (the one on the right).

** Update **

And here is my final

And the t-shirts


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