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Sergio Bergocce





3rd revision:
Final artwork.

2nd revision:
Some new adjustments on the 'E' (cross bar)

1st revision:


Hi guys,

first of all, sorry for my painful english! I’m not so fluent but I ‘ll do my best.

Few weeks ago I went to a Tortoise concert here in São Paulo - Brazil, and inspired by the show, I decided to illustrate the title of my favorite Tortoise album. It’s called: It’s All Around You. That’s my quote.

Brainstorm/warm up:

I thought it would be cool to work the word TORTOISE shaped as a turtle’s back. (tortoise in french).

Rough thumbnail (sorry for the horrible pic!) :

Pencil sketch:

Final ink:


I’ve tried some textures like printed pages scratched, ink gradients, stamp pad that I made by myself following Mary Kate’s precious tips!

I had never experienced such effects and in my opinion this class worth itself just for these tips! I believe it will open new possibilities into my work.


I've tested two combinations, tried to limit my color palette to few colors.

Final artwork:

Here's the final result after applying some of my textures and finishing details. 

Please send me some feedback.



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