Tortoise Belly

Tortoise Belly - student project


My brand label design is for what is currently my Etsy shop, Tortoise Belly. I started the shop on a whim with no real direction and a style I'm still developing. I figured this class was a good opportunity to better define the creative direction for the shop and possibly make Tortoise Belly my personal design brand.

The label will go on a card box to hold a set of greeting cards. (Or on a landing page in the meanntime—baby steps.)

Below: Some of Tortoise Belly's current products & collateral

Tortoise Belly - image 1 - student project


Going off the ornamental style I've got going, I want the brand to reflect the kinds of things I enjoy seeing the most. Mostly kind of an organic, turn-of-the-century antique look with lots of detail. The color palette with be primalrily darker/neutral tones with touches of brightness. And I like more informal scripts, so we'll see how this works out.

Tortoise Belly - image 2 - student project

Danielle Riley

Graphic designer