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Torres Family crest

This was a great class that really helped me to speed up my process. Research was the fun part; I learned alot about my family history.

My Grandfather (Tata) was Torres, which is where the Tower art comes from. My Grandmother (Nana) was Luna, and I found a few crescent moon images on old family crests. I found out a few Luna's in Europe have Arab blood, which fits what we have been told.

My Grandparents made a good living and raised 9 kids off their egg ranch in Southern California, hence the feathers and eggs. My Nana fed EVERYONE at her house, regardless of hunger. You HAD to eat or you didn't leave. That is where the fork and spoon come from.

I'm unhappy and stumped on the colros right now; I need to rething them. I started this project late and wish I had more time, but the class was a blast! Thanks Aaron!


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