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Torrential Apparel

Torrential Apparel is a hypothetical company used for me to hash out some ideas for my first project. I've had the flexibility with this project to work out a lot of different images for the company, from an upscale boutique to a tougher, more masculine look. Ultimately I was most interested in making a logo that was fitting for an company with a more complex image -- one with an earthy but sophisticated feel. The products are all made in the USA and durable, for a working lifestyle, but also funky and beautiful. They sell thick workpants for women as well as upscale summer wear and sensuous robes. The clothing lines are stylish and functional. My sketches were all over the place but I ended up pursuing ones that I felt were simple and clean, but eye catching, and conveyed the image for this 'dream client'. I liked the one that used the lines to play with the 'torrential' image to resemble a downpour, and I also liked the cutout with the leaves because I just found it attractive and with an organic feel.

My first sketches are below (I think I just needed to start playing in Illustrator to flesh out my ideas, since I departed from these pretty quickly):


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