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So first of all, Toronto is definitely not my name! I am actually working on a new Skillshare class and although I don't want to spoil anything about it, my example for the class will be a design with Toronto in it. I decided I wanted it to be script writing and had a couple concepts drawn up when I got an e-mail about this class. Perfect timing! I am only about half way through the class right now, but since I am under a deadline myself, I figured I'd post what I have so far to get some feedback!


Although I have a variety of different brush pens I actually found that most of them were too soft. I was having trouble controlling them and getting smooth lines. Although that may just be a result of not practicing. I found the Faber Castell pen to be a bit more stiff and easy to work with for now. But I will practice a lot more with the others before I write them off. For now, I may use the sketch and copic method.



Because my design will be produced into something, I need to get it to the printers soon. So I'm under a bit of a deadline. For this reason I didn't practice with the 'i' and 'e' etc. yet. Although I will after I am done this project! I'd like to have script lettering be a bigger part of my portfolio.


I quickly found the flow I liked and there is a reason for the angle etc (again, a bit of a secret for now). The only issue I'm having is the legibilty (mainly the 'T') but I do really like how it flows with the piece.



I took this into Illustrator and although I haven't got that far in your class, I put together a vector version of the design so I could move the letters around and get the kerning to something I am happy with. Although I'd love any suggestions as cursive writting is still relatively new to me.


As you can see I left the line weight one thickness. I was more concerned about spacing, smooth lines, etc. From there I drew in the thicks and thins by hand so I could try and get that part down.


Here is the furthest I have got at this point. Obviously the weight needs some adjusting, but I plan to draw this many more times before I take it back into Illustrator. Obviously the last 'o' needs some serious work, but my main concern is whether the "T" is legible as I mentioned before. Can you read it okay? I feel like the kerning is pretty good, but I'd love to hear your opinion on that.

The other concern of mine is the second 't'. I like the idea of looping it, but I don't want it to read as an 'l'. The final colour scheme I have in mind is different from this, and I plan to add stippling to give the lines some seperation from each other to create layers. 


Anyway, I'd love to hear everyone's opinion and what you think could use work versus what is already working with the composition. As mentioned, it's part of a slightly bigger piece, but I'll update you all on my new class when it is live by posting the final piece here then.

Right now my main concern is getting this part as perfect as possible. Really look forward to hearing your thoughts. I will post more progress pics over the next day or two as I wrap it up. Hopefully I'll get some useful feedback during the process!!



Here is my newest refined sketch which I thought was close enough to bring into the computer to vectorize.


Here is my vector version. It's not completely ready yet, but I think it is very close. Please let me know if you have any input as I will be wrapping this design up this weekend. Thanks!



Here is my final rendering of my Toronto script. This will be used on a pennant design, although the full design is not shown here. My class is coming late this month and it will have a project assignment of creating your own pennant (although there is more to it...). I'll post the final design all together when the class is live.

Thanks Matthew! I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot.



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