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Toronto x Skillshare Project

For my "Look Up" photo I chose this image of the many skyscrapers that fill the core of Toronto. I guess in order to progress a city has to knock down trees and replace them with buildings. In the reflection on the glass you can see the clouds and another crane which signify the impending future; one where we no longer see clouds but only glass and steel.

For my "Blur" shot I was in the passenger seat of a fast moving car so my goal was to see what I could focus on. While driving through the city I managed to get a solid set of pictures, but this one stood out to me.

My selection for Candid Portrait. He was trying to answer his phone which was in his pocket so I snapped away while he wasn't looking.

My selection for Night Shot. To make a relationship last, both must be willing to walk through all kinds of paths together. Some other cheesy line could work for this picture hahaha but I really enjoyed taking this one.


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