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Jon Brommet

Graphic Designer



Toronto Pennant

My City:


My References:

Here are a few of my favourite reference photos. When choosing yours, just look for designs that insire you to create. You don't have to actually base your design on any of them.



Admittedly I don't use Pinterest much. Mainly because it seems to be geared towards women in terms of content. Perhaps I haven't speant enough time trying to follow the right people. But in any event, it is great for creating mood boards and collecting your reference photos from all over the net in one convenient spot. So here is my board for pennants:

My Favourite Oxford Pennant:

"'Kill the Closest Snake' refers to when you have too many things to do and can’t keep them straight. The best advice is to focus on one thing at a time, dealing with the most urgent matter first. It’s a nice reminder when you are overwhelmed." - Designer Scott Naauao


My Custom Distressed Halftone Texture:

It may not look like much, but applied to my design I thought it really complimented it. Of course you can always add and delete areas as needed too, since it is vector.


My Design:

Although I actually live an hour away from Toronto, it's definitely been a bit of a second home for my growing up. I can't count the amount of concerts, baseball games, family reunions, etc that brought me back to the city. Although I grew up 2 hours away in the country, I've always been more of a city kid!

Here is my design with no textures on the supplied template:



Here it is with my textures added and a few bells and whistles for presentation purposes.


Here it is zoomed in so you can see the texture detail.


That's it!

That is my whole project. Hopefully this well serve you well as a general guideline of how to post your project. If you want to see even further behind the scenes you can see my sketches, and workthrough as I hand lettered this piece over at Matt Vergotis' class Brushpen Logo Design right here. The class came out right as I started working on this design for my class, so it worked out perfectly that I was able to use another Skillshare class to help me build my own piece! Plus it's always fun to learn more about hand lettering.

Lastly, please follow Oxford Pennant on their Instagram account as they are constantly coming out with the coolest pennants known to man. That's a fact. Follow mine too!

Thanks everyone! I hope you all enjoy the class!

Oh and stay tuned to see the final printed pennant as soon as it comes in from my friends at Oxford Pennant!


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