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Owais A

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Toronto, ON, Canada. Submerge


My Name is Owais, and I'll be showcasing you my city through my D3200 and Nexus 4 lens. 

Anyway, here are a few shots taken in various locations in Toronto!

Showcasing my city and all of its moving parts here are my photos

Hope you guys like them. Thanks for your time and consideration!

& to you Trashhand, you're a huge inspiration, planning to visit Alberta and Turkey just because of your photoset of the place! Thanks for being a huge inspiration for the community.

  • One candid portrait: This photo was taken on a spontaneous exploring day, these train tracks being easily accessible and close to my area we thought we'd come and shoot here. While my friends walked ahead of me on the tracks I sneaked up behind them and managed to snap this candid. 

  • One image showcasing motion (utilizing blur): Another spontaneous explorationg day (they happen often), this was taken on a rooftop on Dundas Sq. Trying to strafe away from vehicle motion blur photos, I decided to opt for something different, snapping this by immediately turning around on my way off the roof.

  • One "look-up" shot: This is Brookfield Place and usually it's just the amazing curved ceiling in view, but on this day a phenomenon of colour, that I just had to capture, took place. 

  • One image taken at night (from the above three categories - look up): To date, still one of my favourite photos. The moon shining through the peppered formation of clouds made for the most photogenic scene I've seen so far!

Hope you guys enjoyed my submission! 


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