Toro y Moi Live in Ibiza

Band - Toro y Moi

Venue - Cafe del Mar, Ibiza

Date - July 24, 2013

Im a huge fan of toro y moi and i wanted to put them in an island setting for my poster. I figured i choose ibiza and do it the famous Cafe del Mar. I wanted to incorperate an isolated planet like island. I did a quick sketch and then jumped on the computer and started playing with it in illustrator. The basic layout is down but now i need to try and find elements to give the poster another dimention. Also i would like to play with the color schemes and add textures in photoshop. im also thinking of putting like a very space like background to mimic the outer worldly feel of the music.

I also like the geometric shapes and want to incorperate a geometric looking island and also a bull image to go with it. 

Another concept i had was to focus on a geometric bull shape. And also to use a warm muted color pallet. Here again i have the same issue of needing additional elements to really push the design further. Any idea? I know geometric shapes scream simplicity but i feel the poster is lacking something. 

So....my biggest issue if findong more elements to add to the illustration and seeing which concept to go with. Feed back is much apperciated!


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